We create a bond between technology and

Edgeteq is an agile bespoke software development team based in Warsaw, Poland. We create robust software for startups and established businesses since 2013.


Consult & Discover

We help our partners to visualize idea and crate a robust development plan.


Build MVPs that reduce time-to-market and provide the basis for full-scale software products.


Create a cost effective scalable production environments that can handle millions of events and users.

Scale your business with us to gain competitive advantage

We specialize in enterprise scale solutions that can scale with your startup's growth.

Software development efficiently and spot on-budget based on agile processes.

Rapid development times, lower costs and bug elimination are just some of the ways that Agile approach benefits our customers.

We ❤️ technology

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Backend - NodeJS, PHP, GraphQL

We provide a robust API for various of services based on industry leading standards.

Frontend - ReactJS & VueJS

Leverage our expertise to build high-quality and performant frontend applications.

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Infrastructure - K8s, GCP & AWS

Best practices and affordable cloud solutions, allows business to respond to a quickly changing technological environment.

Over 50 clients from around the globe

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